Wrap-Around Ponytail Hair Piece

After a new and exciting hairdo without going to the hairdressers or paying a hair stylist?
Don’t want to wait 6 months for your hair to grow just 3 inches let alone the time it takes to grow a decent length ponytail?
Have short hair but you want to have a sexy cascading hairstyle for tonight’s big date?

SOLUTION: Wrap-around Ponytail Hair Piece

Add extra length, style and thickness to your current hair. Made from the finest Nylon hair, our
wrap-around ponytail hair pieces can have heat applied to them, resisting temperatures of up to 160°C. Simple concept and design with fantastic results. Fool proof for every hair-style-challenged person out there, feels and looks just like your normal ponytail.

Styling: Slide the comb that is attached to the piece into your pony tail, wrap the specially designed velcro side hair around the piece, pin this wrapped-around hair section under the wrapped section, all done!
Fantastic for everyday wear (shopping, going out to lunch), at work, weddings, formals, clubbing, out on a date, dinner and movies, the uses for these wrap-around ponytail hair pieces are endless! Worn by many celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Cat Deeley and Natalie Bassingthwaighte, these simple and versatile hair pieces go with any outfit for any occasion.

Available in 2 lengths: 19” sleek and straight, 26” long luscious curls.


Heat Happy Hairpiece
Heat happy hairpiece - straighten, curl or blow dry!!

Wrap-around ponytail instructions

Wrap around ponytail hair piece back






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