Ponytail Clip-In Hair Pieces

After a new and exciting hairdo without going to the hairdressers or paying a hair stylist for extensions?
Don’t want to wait 6 months for your hair to grow just 3 inches?
Did you cut your hair short for summer but you want to have sexy cascading hair for tonight’s big date?

SOLUTION: Clip-In Ponytail Hair Piece Extensions

Clip-on ponytail hair pieces are great for a quick new hair style without the fuss. Simple concept and design with fantastic results. Fool proof for every hair-style-challenged person out there, feels and looks just like your normal hair, blends in perfectly. Made from the finest and softest synthetic hair fibers, the hair is attached to a net backing, and securely attaches to your ponytail/bun via the claw clip. Don’t want to wear the piece with the claw clip? Simply take the claw clip out, and you can secure the hairpiece in with pins (or you can sew a comb to the piece).

Great for everyday wear (shopping, going out to lunch, around the house), at work, weddings, formals, clubbing, out on a date, dinner and movies, the uses for these ponytail clip-in hair piece extensions are endless!

Available in a large range of colours from black, browns, blondes, auburns, multi-colours and multi-tones, these clip-in ponytail hair pieces extensions are a must have hair accessory for every female.

3 different styles and lengths (bulk orders welcomed at a discount rate):
- 33cm ringlets (popular for dance schools and concerts)
- 52cm/58cm reversible straight and
- 60cm luscious long curls


Clip-in ponytail hair piece


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