Dreadlock Hair Extensions

• Ever wondered how you would look with dreadlocks?
Don’t have the time (or money!) to sit in a salon for hours on end getting dreadlock extensions?
• Haven’t got years to spare to try and grow and maintain your own dreadlocks?
• Want the freedom to interchange your look instantly, either by changing colours and styles?

The simple answer is our extensive range of dreadlock hair extensions.

Bring out the wild side with Just Wig It Fashions range of dreadlock hair extensions. Our dreadlocks are made from the finest synthetic hair fibers, rolled to replicate real dreadlock hair falls. The no-fuss dreadlock hair extensions are easy to use and there is no need to spend all your time and money on growing and maintaining your real hair dreadlocks.

 Our dreadlock hair extensions range features 21” clip-on ponytail dreadlocks, ¾ wig with elastic band or full head wigs. 

Clip on dreadlocks 3/4 dreadlocks dreadlocks wig


Clip-on Ponytail Dreadlocks
The dreadlocks are sown into a net backing which is then attached to a strong alligator/claw clip and simply clips over the top of your existing ponytail or bun. Approximately 65-75 single dreads per hair piece extension. Available in 1 tone or multi-coloured.
Length of hair extension: 21.5”

¾ Dreadlocks Wig
Elastic band slips over the top of your hair - just near your hair line. The headband can either sit over your ears or behind them. The black band can be jazzed up with other funky bands over the top of it.
Length of hair extension: 22.5”

Full Head Dreadlocks Wig
Long, free flowing full head dreads, tightly to loosely rolled. Can be worn everyday or as a costume accessory, as it is, with a hat/bandana etc...
Length of wig: Approximately 20” from top middle of head to ends of dreads. There is a mixture of short and long dreads throughout (20” is about the longest).

Get instant dreadlocks without ruining your own hair. Feels and looks just like the real thing.


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