Care Instructions

Hairpiece Wig Care Instructions

 1. How often do I clean my wig or hairpiece?
This depends on the amount time you wear your wig. If you wear your wig every day, treat it like a part of your clothing and wash it as needed, typically once every 4-5 days. However, individual factors may deem it necessary to wash more often (i.e. heavy hairspray use, environment, climate etc.). The best judge of when it needs to be cleaned is you.

2. How do I clean my wig or hairpiece?
• Fill a sink or washbasin with lukewarm water
• Add a capful or mild detergent (e.g. Woolite) and swish wig gently in the water
• Dip and rinse wig thoroughly in the water
• Gently shake wig out and let water drip out, DO NOT BRUSH WIG WHEN WET
• Let drip dry
• When completely dry, brush wig into desired style,
DO NOT BRUSH CURLS OR DREADS, curls will bounce back into position when completely dry
• DO NOT use colouring agents, curling irons, heat rollers or high heat hair dryers on synthetic wigs as they can be ruined with high heat exposure

 Washing Instructions for Human Hairpieces:

Treat exactly like you would normally for your normal hair. Wash when needed. Gently dry with a towel (or leave overnight on a towel to dry). Do not brush when wet which can cause the hair to fall out.

Synthetic wigs can be styled into many different styles with hairspray and no heat setting rollers. However, we recommend using a professional wig/hair stylist. Human Hair pieces can be curled, ironed, heated and coloured.

3. Can I use hairspray on my wig or hairpiece?
Yes, any over-the-counter water soluble hairspray is fine for your wig or hairpiece.

4. What type of styling tools can I use on my wig or hairpiece?
The only types of styling tools that are approved for wig use are rollers, cool air hair dryers or brushes. Absolutely no heat can be used on synthetic pieces; this means no curling irons, hot hair dryers or straighteners. Heat will damage the synthetic fibres. Human Hair wigs can be styled with heat.

5. How do I put on and wear my wig or hairpiece?
Remove all packaging materials and protective hair net. Give the wig a good shake to allow the wig style set itself.

If you have short/medium hair:
Brush your hair back from your face and behind your ears, then place the front of the wig slightly in front of your hair line and pull down from the back and secure your fit. Bobby pins work great behind the ear.

If you have long hair:
Pull back your hair and pin it up, evenly distributing your hair so as to avoid any bumps. Place the front of the wig in front of your hair line and pull on the back to secure your fit. For long hair customers, a wig cap is the best way to ensure a natural look fit.

Tie your hair back in a bun or pony tail, and secure the clip over the bun/pony tail for an instant new look.

Tuck any loose hairs at the front, sides and nape.

6. Can I cut and style my wig or hairpiece?
Yes, you can cut the hair and style your wig but remember, the hair does not grow back. It is recommended that you consult your local wig/hair stylist. To restyle your wig, wide-spaced brushes and hair picks are recommended. For long length wigs, grab the hair at mid-length and brush gently down to the ends and then gradually work your way up to avoid tangles and damaging the hair fibre. For curly styles, never brush the wig or hairpiece. Use your fingers and shake to gently loosen or tighten the curls.

7. Can I colour my wig or hairpiece?
Synthetic wigs cannot be coloured, 100% human hair pieces can be.

8. How do I know if a wig is the right size for me?
All of the wigs sold within my store have adjustable stretch caps. The cap size is of an average size and is made to fit most sizes. For best results, use a wig cap.


Caring for your Dreadlocks Hairpiece/Wig
Dreadlocks Care Instructions 

Our dreadlocks are made from high quality synthetic hair and can be bought and used right out of the bag.

Once you have your synthetic dreadlocks wig, you'll need to protect your investment. Dreadlock wig care includes giving the wig a good shake and separating the locks gently with your fingers prior to putting it on. After general wear, lightly spray the ends with a wig conditioner.

You should wash your wig after every 10 or 12 wearings, using the instructions from the hair piece/wig section above. Air drying the hair piece/wig extends its life (heat styling does the opposite so please do not use any heat).

Remember, if your wig needs cutting, reshaping or restyling you're better off not trying to do it on your own. Instead, take it to a wig maker or to a professional wig salon.

From custom to costume, dreadlock wigs are becoming more popular as the dreadlock hairstyle becomes increasingly present in mainstream culture.

Using Dread Wax to Maintain the Shape of the Dreads

Dread wax clumps hair together faster. It serves as a kind of glue for the hair. After you have
twisted the hair into the width of dreadlock you desire, apply the wax, which in many cases is a combination of beeswax and natural oils. The oils combine with the hair to meld them to each other. Although pomades and styling glues may have similar effects, dread wax uses natural oils to keep the hair fibres together.

Dreadlock wig tightening straps

Our dreadlock wigs have the 'breathe easy' net backing and special tightening straps to fit any size head. Is the wig too loose on your head? Then hook the clips into the wigs material loops to tighten the wig so it sits more comfortably on your head.

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